Interested in Renting our Gym or Gathering Room?
Here are some details:

To check availability, please view the calendar below:

Available Times:
Sunday - 2pm-10pm
Monday - 6:15pm-10pm
Tuesday  - 6:15pm-10pm 
Wednesday -not available
Thursday - 6:15pm-10pm 
Friday - 6:15pm-Midnight 
Saturday - 8am-Midnight

Rental Rates: * Note we are not renting to individuals at this time.

Deposit (Refundable after the event / 3-month session):
$50 CASH for one-time events
$100 CASH for ongoing rentals by groups
$250 for leagues/organizations (a league's first deposit must be made in CASH; subsequent rentals may use a check deposit)

General rentals (includes sports leagues, groups, organizations):
$50 per hour 
$25 additional flat rate for use of tables and chairs. Must provide own table linens.(Tables and chairs will be accessible during set-up time. Renter is responsible for setting up and tearing down tables and chairs.)  $50 additional flat rate for use of kitchen.  (Refrigerator, warming oven, microwave and sink.  All supplies must be provided by renter.)

Rentals by church groups and charitable/service organizations:
$25 per hour
$10 additional flat rate for use of tables and chairs (when available)
Must provide own table linens

Rental Request Form